the adventure of the grad-student move: part 1

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08.17.11 by jules

The most interesting person I know (besides my zany self and Jesus) is moving away, four states away to be exact.  This is a heartbreaking realization, but I’m not going to get into that right now because she hasn’t left yet and I don’t want her to feel bad about going until she is four states away and can’t do anything about it; like pretending to catch the H1N1 virus again, or getting a job as a seal-tamer at the Houston Zoo, or making a chemical analysis of the enchilada sauce in every Mexican restaurant in the Greater Houston Area, or starting a protest and petition campaign against the disbanding of the shuttle program at NASA. Because if she did, regardless of the most likely interesting roads that it would lead her down it would not be the right thing for her and it would be all my fault and I would feel worse than I feel about her moving four states away.

Therefore, I am not going to talk about that right now.

What I am going to talk about is the road trip with which we will be relocating this most excellent person from the Promised Land to the…Other Place.  So here’s the lowdown. If Google Maps can be trusted (which I seriously doubt at times) there are 1,304 miles between a certain street address in Houston, TX and Cleveland, Ohio. Following I-40 East, we will be on the road for 22 hours and one minute, unless we skip the toll road and take 22 hours and four minutes (which I can say, having driven on that toll road and on its frontage road, is an entirely inaccurate comparative figure).  On the road we’ll pass through Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, just barely skirt Louisville, then on through Cincinnati, Columbus, and right into Cleveland.

We leave tomorrow morning. I still have to pack. Oops. But I’ll take notes and pictures as we get ourselves ready and out the door.  And we’ll find some unique places to see and share with you on the way.



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