the adventure of the grad-student move: part 2

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08.19.11 by jules

Yesterday afternoon when I wrote Part 1 of this adventure I had a beautiful mental image of how our adventure would begin: we would pack our belongings into the crumb-free, freshly aroma-ed vehicle, filling every nook and cranny with precisely the right arrangement of luggage.  Pulling away from our house in the quiet, pre-dawn hours, we would drive into the sunrise.  A quick stop for coffee and breakfast, then onwards into the unfolding daylight.  The miles would melt behind us, the sun sliding upwards.  Every quirky road sign and eye-catching roadside curiosity would be snagged on a camera’s memory stick, and a careful picture-log of the passing towns, rivers, and locales would be documented.  Meals would take place in unique, local dives and as the sun plunged towards the opposite hemisphere we’d pull up to the rooms reserved at a friendly, affordable hotel at the exact halfway point of our journey.

It was a great day, but let’s just say it didn’t quite turn out that way.  Rummaging through the house in that mad paranoia trying to figure out exactly what we’ll need should some bizarre emergency befall us (futile of course, they don’t call it the unexpected for nothing), not eating until we leave (after noon), greasy Mexican food with hand-sanitizer in the bathroom soap dispensers, finding out that hotel rooms were not reserved, stopping for the night in the city before the city in which we were going to stop, the list goes on.

But, as beautiful as mental plans can be, what actually happens is…well…actually happening.  So we go with it.  As they say, que sera sera.  If the mental image gets shattered, I’ll take the real one in its place.  And even when its a little rough around the edges, we make it beautiful.


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