the adventure of the grad student move: the finale (finally)


09.19.11 by jules

Wait…hang on…what?  Are you trying to tell me this wasn’t just a fun and fancy free family road trip?  I’m supposed to leave someone here?  IN OHIO???  Get out.

Yeah, that sounds pretty much like the mental conversation my synapses produced around lunchtime two whole several Sunday’s ago when we finished stuffing my sister’s belongings into the sardine tin college administrators call a dorm room.  Let’s spare my emotions and just say it was depressing.  I thought about letting myself go all weepy, but the wing(wo)man keeps things together so the pilot can focus and crying is not an effective way to maintain stability of the group or keep the pilot from freaking out.  So I just sniveled in the back seat when we drove away and washed my face on a Burt’s Bees Facial Towlette with White Tea Extract.

This was going to be a much longer post, but as soon as I made the long, much less exciting trip back to my home state life kicked into warp drive and I’ve been stuck for over a month unable to post anything new because I didn’t have the time to finish this post. So, in summation, the differences of the drive home (as opposed to the drive away from home):

  1. We drove home
  2. It was boring
  3. I did not get to have a McDonald’s latte every morning and Starbucks iced coffee every afternoon
  4. I missed my sister
  5. I got tired of taking blurry pictures of trees along the interstate
  6. I slept in the car
Things that were not different:
  1. I took large detours because of my failure to read road signs while driving
The End 
P.S. Pictures coming soon.

2 thoughts on “the adventure of the grad student move: the finale (finally)

  1. I love taking long, unexpected detours with you. Thank you for staying calm wingie, that really really helped. ❤

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