the adventure of God bustin up my to-do list

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11.03.11 by jules

Go ahead, set your iPhone alarm for the butt-crack of dawn. And the midnight oil? Burn that too. But if God isn’t Lord of your to-do list; you might as well be a pajama-clad, cheeto-munching pothead. Because that’s all your sweat and coffee is worth in the grand scheme of eternity.

Psalm 127:1-2. A (loose and slightly out of context) interpretation by myself.

I know it sounds rough, but it’s pretty straightforward too, even if you read it in old school KJV language. But don’t get down, the good news is that God doesn’t want to be the task-master of your Basecamp account so that he can crack a whip over your back. He just wants to give us the chance to stop freaking out over stuff that looms over us, Great Wall of China style, and see that all those scribbles in our day-planner aren’t what really count. What counts is stopping the frenetic running in circles, taking a deep breath, and staring God straight in the eyes. Cause right there God reaches over and puts a big, fat, happy check on his to-do list. And that, my friend, is a wave of satisfaction an Empire State building higher than even getting every single ridiculous task done on my own silly list.


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