the adventure of hastily written poetry


12.02.11 by jules

Since you, my lovely readers, have been denied the joy of reading anything new here since the beginning of November, I decided to share a quick poem that I threw down in the memo app on my cell phone in (forgive me) September. Inspired by true events:

A Lame Poem (by oneyoungadventurer)

I’m sorry that you’re dead moth
here on the bathroom sink
you didn’t get to say goodbye to your mother 
you didn’t know that today you would get trapped
inside a house
drawn in by the magnetic lights
those false suns
i wonder if
when the moment comes
i will be more fortunate than you
or less.

2 thoughts on “the adventure of hastily written poetry

  1. “those false suns” I love that line
    We are all moths, our “false suns” are just different

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