in case you haven’t noticed


03.03.12 by jules

Good morning. In case you haven’t noticed, the blog post:months ratio has been less than high recently. Admittedly, my commitment to this whole blog deal has wavered. But good news! It isn’t because I don’t like you all or because I’ve been wallowing in despair from the lack of activity in my life. There has actually been a sudden explosion of goings on. Allow me to summarize:

  1. I’m not in Texas. (AHHH! No, calm down! …breathe…ok) I’m in Kansas City, MO.
  2. I got accepted to a three-month internship with IHOP-KC (note: “P” does not stand for pancakes), with the option to stay for a second three months. It’s called Fire in the Night (which is why you’ll find that I will be publishing material at odd hours). More to come about that soon.
  3. Jesus is amazing (as I realize to a rapidly increasing degree each day).

That’s mostly it. I hope you guys will stick around as I bring some further explanation to the above points and share more adventures.

One Young Adventurer

P.S. Please share your comments and questions. Have any of you heard of IHOP before? Have you every been in KC before? Did you know that in winter in northern places there’s this fluffy white stuff that falls out of the sky and sticks all over the ground and you can ball it up and throw it at people?


2 thoughts on “in case you haven’t noticed

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