december 31, 2011: tipping the timeline


03.20.12 by jules

So from my previous post over here, you may have noticed that some things have changed for me recently such as my state of residence, my emotional grid, and the general flavor of my worldview. You may wonder how these firmly established qualities were altered and with such little warning. So here’s a friendly timeline to clarify.

the friendly timeline to clarify

fall 2010 – resigned from job at lifelong church, continued in volunteer youth leadership position, acquired new job!

spring 2011 – youth pastor resigned from church in order to run nonprofit, Coreluv International; continued as youth leader and nonprofit team member

fall 2011 – stepped down from youth leadership, attended Onething: Houston regional conference with a good friend, registered for Onething 2011, childhood cat died, disliked life in general, made angry faces at God

december 27, 2011 – drove some 13 hours to Kansas City, Missouri with sister and same friend from regional conference; consumed vast amounts of coffee; practiced accents (I’m AHnahld. Geet daown!)

december 28, 2011 – day 1 of Onething conference, Corey Russell and Mike Bickle speak, mind blown about Jesus: Our Magnificent Obsession

december 29, 2011 – day 2 of Onething, more worship and teaching, remaining mind blown

december 30, 2011 – day 3 of Onething, thoughts traveled through a soup of brain tissue fragments drifting around inside my skull

december 31, 2011: early afternoon – last day of Onething, sauntered into an information meeting about IHOP internships, chatted with a young woman at the Fire in the Night table, picked up two applications (one for rough draft)

december 31, 2011: around 6pm – dinner with sis and friend, filling out app; somehow, through increasingly energetic conversation, friend and I came to the conclusion that we are going to apply for FITN (Fire in the Night); we decide to apply for the winter track…that starts in 5 days; handed her the spare application; furious scribbling ensued

december 31, 2011: around 7pm  – turned in applications

december 31, 2011: around 7:30pm – interviewed by a Fire in the Night staff member

december 31, 2011: around 8pm – teaching by Lou Engle, slivers of neuron fiber rupture

december 31, 2011: 11pm – january 1, 2012 – Holy Ghost party with Cory Asbury, dance, dance, dance

january 1, 2012 – drove some 13 hours home, received acceptance phone call from Fire in the Night, screamed, friend received acceptance call, screamed, called mom, emailed manager, consumed a fraction less coffee, practiced accents

january 2-6, 2012 – packed; wrapped things up with job, friends, etc

january 7, 2012 – packed car, picked up friend, drove some 13 hours to Kansas City, practiced accents, arrived at 10pm, searched for FITN people who should be meeting us, drove to other IHOP buildings looking for them, found some interns at 11pm in the intern cafeteria eating breakfast, moved belongings into apartments, leaders informed us that we’ll be staying up until tomorrow at 3pm, gasped

january 8 – felt like death, crawled into apartment and bed around noon, woke up at 10:30pm, breakfast at 11pm, concept of what is today and what is tomorrow came unhinged

january – March – talked to God, God talked back, gasped

march 20, 2012: 1am – started writing this post

I hope that was clarifying. If not, ask me about it. These last two posts have been about me personally, but thoughts, discoveries, and adventures focused on other topics coming soon! Pictures too.

Good morning,

One Young Adventurer

P.S. Let me hear your thoughts, mk? Have you ever made a decision on this kind of timetable? What was your experience? I’m small-decision-spontaneous, but for big decisions every detail requires scrutiny months in advance (probably why my major life details haven’t changed in 20 years) so this was a drastically unorthodox way for me to do something this big. What about you? Are you one of those fantastic individuals who can jump into a major decision?


One thought on “december 31, 2011: tipping the timeline

  1. I’m happy for all the wonderful things God’s doing in your life 🙂 you seem so alive again. I love it. Also your metaphors are brilliant. I am, I admit it, slightly jealous. Love you and see you sooooooooooon 😀

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