thoughts as a storm rolls in

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07.17.12 by jules

The thing with clouds is that if you just glance at them they don’t seem to move at all. You have to hold your head very still and stare directly at one to realize the swiftness of its path through the atmosphere. Otherwise, you look up some minutes later and the whole sky landscape has drastically changed without warning.


It’s a bit like God. If we just glance up at him every seven days or several years we might think he is mostly idle, only moving in jerks and jumps, like he’s playing a trick on us, always changing the game and the rules. But the rules have not changed, not since the very first light dawned on a shapeless little planet. It takes a lot though to sit still and stare at clouds and it takes even more to stare at a Person we cannot see. It’s not easy and it doesn’t always feel good right away. But it’s worth it. It’s the awe and delight that comes from watching an approaching storm, of taking note of the steps God takes as he leads us through life. When we see the clouds rolling in we aren’t startled by the thunder, we anticipate it and enjoy it.


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